Laboratory for Environmental Magnetism

The laboratory for Environmental Magnetism is part of the Geophysical Centre of the RMI. It offers services and carries out research in palaeo- and archaeomagnetism, investigates possible relations between geomagnetism and climate, analyses rock magnetic properties, as well as magnetic properties of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications.

The main scientific themes of the Laboratory for Environmental Magnetism are:

  • Archaeo- and palaeomagnetism
  • Magnetic hyperthermia and magnetism of magnetic nanoparticles
  • Characterisation of magnetic properties of natural and artificial materials
  • Reconstructions of the palaeo-environment during the Quaternary, i.e. the last 2.6 million years
  • Genesis of magnetic minerals during soil formation
  • Magnetic characterisation of contaminated soils in industrial areas

The following services are offered on request


Dr. Simo Spassov (GE-EN-FR-DU)
Tel.: +32 (0)60 39 54 98
E-mail: simo.spassov[at]


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