About the RMI


Update October 2022: This objective of the 2019-2024 strategy was achieved with the creation of the Belgian Climate Center.

Since the RMI has a longstanding experience in climatology, the goal is to initiate the development of a Belgian Climate Center.


Climate services intended to inform the society about the state of the climate, its evolution in the past and what will happen in the future.


  • Developing a web-based climatological atlas
  • Long-term strategy supported by scientific projects funded by external sources (e.g. CORDEX.be, GERB, EUMETSAT SAFs, ESA Earthcare, Copernicus Climate Change Services or DIGIT)
  • Hub of climate information

For whom?

  • The whole population
  • Public authorities
  • Decision makers


Lack of required funding from the government to reach this target.

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