About the RMI



Increasing the scientific knowledge in order to create technological perspectives for addressing the future global challenges and providing the public with geophysical intelligence.


  • Fostering transdisciplinary scientific research and technological development in:
    • geo- and nanomagnetism,
    • geomagnetism – climate interactions,
    • earthquake prediction,
    • soil, environmental and geological sciences,
    • space weather
    • other related fields
  • Keeping the scientific research infrastructure at top-class level
  • Exploiting and contributing to long-term geophysical data bases


  • Development of scientific instrumentation for geomagnetic field observations
  • Development of geomagnetic and space-weather services for civil aviation, radio communication and navigation purposes
  • Dating of archaeological sites
  • Harmonising magnetic property characterisation

For whom?

  • Citizens
  • Airports
  • Universities and other Public services
  • National and international non-governmental organisations
  • Industry sectors such as aviation, geodesy, energy, mining and space exploration

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