The main objectives of this service are to keep a database of the observations of meteorological parameters from the past and present up to date and to use them to answer the numerous questions from the public and the authorities.

Main activities

  • Ensure the management and monitoring of the climatic observation network, including contact with the observers, to ensure good homogeneity of the observation series.
  • Perform a quality control of the observation data that fall within the scope of competence of the service.
  • Providing users with meteorological, climatological and hydrological information, as well as data and products in the form of subscriptions.
  • Check the availability and quality of the data and, if necessary, respond quickly to the production and development groups.
  • The development and updating of a detailed catalog with available data, products and services


Dr. Cédric Bertrand (FR) , Responsible Person for quality control and observation network
Tel.: 0032 (0)2/ 373 05 70
E-mail: cedric.bertrand[at]

Luc Debontridder (NL), Responsible Person for Information
Tel.: 0032 (0)2/ 373 05 21
E-mail: luc.debontridder[at]

Dr. Veerle De Bock (NL), Information
Tel.: 02/ 373 05 21
E-mail: clim_info[at]

Tel.: 0032 (0)2/ 373 05 20 or 0032 (0)2/ 373 05 21 
E-mail: abo_clim[at]



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