Users' Interface

This service is the first contact point for citizen, governments and companies that contact the RMI to obtain service or information. These contacts also make it possible to assess the needs of citizens, governments and the business world and to define a customer policy that meets these needs.

Main activities:

  • Offering the products and services of the RMI
  • Client support
  • Improvement of the products and services with customer surveys
  • Taking care of the ombudsman service of the RMI
  • Answering all kinds of general questions from pupils, teachers and interested citizens.
  • Taking care of the PR-activities of the RMI
  • Coordinating the communication of the RMI


Marc Christiaens (NL), Business Unit Manager
Tel.: 0032 (0)2/373 05 15

Alex Dewalque (FR)
Tel.: 0032 (0)2/373 06 12

Emilie Delhaye (NL)
Tel: 0479 62 09 73

Rozemien De Troch (NL), Climate Services Manager
Tel: 02/790 39 70



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