IT- infrastructure and telecommunication

This department is responsible for the development and maintenance of an evolutionary, up-to-date and reliable IT- infrastructure and telecommunication. It must enable the operational and scientific tasks of the institution to be carried out in an optimal manner.

Main activities

  • The permanent monitoring of the evolution of IT and telecommunications technology;
  • The efficient management of the infrastructure and support of the users;
  • Ensuring a reliable and secure environment;
  • Timely planning and development of an infrastructure that must optimally meet the needs of the users in terms of computing capacity, storage capacity and archiving;
  • Expansion of a telecommunication network that meets the demand for a smooth, fast and efficient exchange of information, both internally and externally;
  • National and international cooperation in the field of telecommunication and data exchange.


Emmanuel Strobbe (FR)
Tel.: 02/373 04 77
Fax: 02/374 75 62
E-mail: Emmanuel.Strobbe[at]



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