Senior scientist to support the Earth Radiation Budget projects of the Remote Sensing from Space division

The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium wants to hire a senior scientist to support the Earth Radiation Budget projects of the Remote Sensing from Space division.

The scientist will primarily support our participation to the Earth Cloud, Aerosol and Radiation Explorer (EarthCARE, see mission, the 9th Earth Explorer satellite of the European Space Agency, to be launched in 2023. The scientist will in particular develop the ground segment for the BroadBand Radiometer (BBR) instrument of EarthCARE.

As an additional responsibility, the scientist will be in charge of publishing Earth Radiation Budget data in the Climate Data Store (CDS) of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S).


His/her tasks will be:

  • Design, implement and validate the ground segment processing for the BBR instrument (BM-RAD and BMA-FLX processors), following ESA standards.
  • Participate to the CARDINAL project in which the level 2 processors are chained.
  • Prepare the commissioning phase for the satellite and organize Calibration/Validation activities. 
  • Contribute to the publication of Earth Radiation Budget data in the CDS of C3S. Participation in the administration and day-to-day operation of the satellite processing infrastructure, and reporting at international meetings.


The candidate should have at least:

  • A master or PhD degree in natural sciences and/or engineering.
  • Affinity with scientific research in the field of (geo)physics, e.g. in meteorology, climatology, or satellite remote sensing.
  • Comprehensive experience (+10 years) with the measurement of the Earth radiation Budget and the related space missions (CERES, ScaRaB, GERB, EarthCARE, ...)
  • Working experience (+10 years) with the UNIX/Linux operating system and with the C programming language used for the processors.
  • Familiar with data publishing in international context like IPCC or C3S.
  • Proven experience working in international scientific projects, including documentation, code development, dataset publication, validation, and reporting. Prior experience with one of the ESA’s Earth Explorer missions is highly recommended.
  • Good working knowledge of English.


Candidates, who must be Citizen of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, should send their CV and motivation letter to  The position is open until 10 juli 2022. Additional information can be obtained from

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