Conference Agenda

All presentations are taking place at 2 pm in the conference room of the RMI.
Ringlaan, 3 - 1180 Brussels (Tel. : 0032 (0)2/373.05.08).

From urban heat to random forest: the story of the "" citizen science weather station network

Eva Beele - KU Leuven

Spectrally resolved Outgoing Longwave Radiation from IASI measurements: The ROLSS project


Tipping of the Atlantic Ocean Circulation

Prof. Henk A. DIJKSTRA, IMAU & CCSS - Department of Physics, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Citizen weather reports at RMIB and their use for radar-based hail detection verification

Dr. Maarten REYNIERS & Dr. Laurent DELOBBE

Total Ozone, UV and radiosonde measurements at Princess Elisabeth Station, Antarctica

Dr. Alexander MANGOLD

Improving the tropical modes of atmospheric variability with a stochastic parameterization of convection

Prof. Boualem KHOUIDER - University of Victoria, Canada

The Seamless Prediction Programme at RMI: achievements and the road ahead

Dr. Lesley De Cruz & Dr. Michiel Van Ginderachter

Nobel prize Physics 2021 and climate science

Dr. Bert Van Schaeybroeck

Recent Progress on Mitigation Technologies

Dr. Mattheos Santamouris - University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Using machine learning in geophysical data assimilation (some of the issues and some ideas)

Dr. Alberto Carrassi, from Dept of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi, University of Bologna, Italy

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