Conference Agenda

All presentations are taking place at 2 pm in the conference room of the RMI.
Ringlaan, 3 - 1180 Brussels (Tel. : 0032 (0)2/373.05.08).

Towards a new hydrometeors identification tool at the RMI

Dr. Sylvain WATELET

Space-based lightning observations and their utility for nowcasting severe weather


Towards seamless weather forecasting at MeteoSwiss

Dr. Lionel MORET & Dr. Daniele NERINI - MeteoSwiss, Switzerland The seminar will take place at 11:00.

From urban heat to random forest: the story of the "" citizen science weather station network

Eva Beele - KU Leuven

Spectrally resolved Outgoing Longwave Radiation from IASI measurements: The ROLSS project


Tipping of the Atlantic Ocean Circulation

Prof. Henk A. DIJKSTRA, IMAU & CCSS - Department of Physics, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Citizen weather reports at RMIB and their use for radar-based hail detection verification

Dr. Maarten REYNIERS & Dr. Laurent DELOBBE

Total Ozone, UV and radiosonde measurements at Princess Elisabeth Station, Antarctica

Dr. Alexander MANGOLD

Improving the tropical modes of atmospheric variability with a stochastic parameterization of convection

Prof. Boualem KHOUIDER - University of Victoria, Canada

The Seamless Prediction Programme at RMI: achievements and the road ahead

Dr. Lesley De Cruz & Dr. Michiel Van Ginderachter

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